Hey guys, Sam here! Feel free to request at any time.

hi im a new band imagine blog and I was wondering if you could give me shout out thanks


Is your imagine requests open?

Yes but it will be a while before I get the request done. I’m not very productive writing wise during summer.

Can I get a ship? 5'5, and dirty blonde hair with black streaks. Blue eyes. I listen to bands like om&m, ATL, MCR, fob, PTV, etc. I'm obsessed with YouTube and enjoy photography. I play bass guitar, drums, flute, and piano

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could i get a ship?pls tysm. i'm 14. i have short black hair and i'm 4'9 so i'm pretty short. i have a septum piercing and a black nose ring. i usually wear black outside and at home. my only friend is my cat. i wear shit tons of eyeliner and i like horror movies. my favorite bands are crown the empire, om&m, mcr, greenday and ptv.

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Can you ship me? I'm Apexx I'm 5'4 black eyes. Black hair with red streaks. My favorite bands are omandm carnifex LA dispute otep I'm very funny (so I've been told) but sometimes super depressed.

Your name is so cool!

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heyyy can I get a ship please? the names ash, I'm blonde, super tall (like 5"10'!!!) and I like mcr, atl, nirvana, falling in reverse, fall out boy, and a bunch of other bands. I'm mellow, shy and kinda lazy. I also like to dance (ballet, street, modern etc.) so yeah :) thanks! x

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Ship? I'm 5 1 short crimson red hair, chubby, 3 piercings 1 tattoo and stretched ears, I love FOB 5SOS P!ATD. I'm extremely insecure, very awkward, but also very loving and affectionate.

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