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anon: I really like Jack Barakat from All Time Low. Can you write an imagine where he and I have a really bad argument before he leaves on tour and we haven’t really talked about it since. But now he’s home and we make up. Lots of fluff, please!

I stared at my phone for what seemed like an eternity when finally Jack made his way downstairs.
"(Y/N)?" He said softly.
"Care to explain this?" I asked sharply thrusting my phone in his face.
"(Y/N), you know not to trust what you see on twitter," Jack said calmly.
"So, I just shouldn’t care that there’s pages and pages of pictures of you and some girl kissing?!" I exclaimed loudly.
"It’s photoshopped, babe!" Jack pleaded.
"So all of these people photoshopped the same girl with you just in different positions? Really?" My chest felt like fire. The anger boiled in me.
"(Y/N)," Jack said rubbing my arm, "I’m sorry."
My eyebrows furrowed.
"You’re sorry?"
He sighed. “One night I got drunk and I-”
"So you lied to me?!" I interupted.
Jack looked down shamefully, “yeah.”
Tears welled up in my eyes.
Jack sat down on the couch and placed his head in his hands.
"I didn’t want you to be angry, we leave for tour tomorrow and I didn’t want to spend our last few hours together fighting."
"Tomorrow?! I thought you didn’t leave for another week? And why would you think lying would make it better? That’s the worst thing you could’ve done!" I exhaled deeply.
"You lied to me Jack," I said calmly.
Jack looked up at me his eyes were red.
"I am so sorry (Y/N), I really am. I don’t know why I lied, that was stupid of me. I promise I won’t do it again."
I shook my head.
"I don’t know, Jack. Just leave me alone.."
I turned and grabbed my phone and walked out the door.
I pulled my sweater tighter around my arms, the brisk air surrounded me. I turned into my best friend Jessica’s house. I knocked on the hard wooden door three times.
"(Y/N)?" Jessica asked opening the door for me.
"What happened?"
I sniffed.
"J-Jack," I paused.
"Jack what? I’ll kill him, I swear." The anger was evident in her face but I just laughed lightly.
"Don’t kill him, yet. He, uh, there were some pictures floating around twitter of him kissing some girl at a bar," I inhaled deeply, "he said it was photoshop but then he admitted to, well, he, he got drunk and yeah," I finished.
I could tell Jessica was furious.
"He cheated on you?!" He just about screamed.
I nodded.
"Jess what are you doing?" I asked nervously as Jessica started calling someone.
"You’ll see."
It’s been three months since Jack left for tour. The night Jessica found out she called Jack and not-so-politely told him off. To be honest I miss him like crazy, but he never took the time to text or call so, I’m not going to waste my time thinking about him.
"Hey (Y/N)!" Jessica yelled out entering my house.
"Hey Jess!"
Jessica walked into the kitchen and gave me a hug.
"You still up for shopping today?" She asked excitedly.
"Of course! Just let me go grab my purse!"
I locked the door and got in Jessica’s car and we left.
*3 hours later*
"I have no idea where I’m going to put all this stuff, I’m going to need a second house for it all!" I laughed.
Jessica laughed and pulled into my driveway.
"You expecting company?" She asked looking straight ahead.
My eyebrows furrowed and I looked to see what she was talking about; Jack’s car was parked in its’ usual spot.
"I guess Jack’s home from tour," I sighed.
"Want me to go in with you?" Jess asked.
I smiled lightly, “No, I think I’ll be okay.”
She nodded.
I walked in with my two arms filled with bags. I walked through the kitchen and living room passing Jack. I set all the bags down on the bed.
"Hey (Y/N)," Jack said his foot steps getting louder.
I started putting my things away.
"We need to talk," Jack said sitting down on the edge of the bed.
I sighed at sat next to him.
"I am so sorry about what happened before I went on tour."
I looked at him for the first time since I got home from the mall.
"Why didn’t you call or text while you were away?" I asked sadly.
"I wanted to sort everything out in person, I couldn’t say what I wanted to through a text."
I nodded.
"I am so sorry," He held my hand, "I made a huge mistake."
"Not talking to you for three months was so hard, but I knew I had to fix this the right way," He continued.
"(Y/N), you mean the world to me, there is no one else that even remotely compares to you. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I wouldn’t trade what we have for the world."
A single tear rolled down my cheek, then that single tear turned into a constant stream.
"Jack, I missed you so much."
"(Y/N), you are too good for me, I don’t deserve you at all, especially after what I’ve done but, please forgive me. I promise I’ll never do anything to hurt you again."
I nodded, “okay.”
"But do anything like that again and I’m gone," I warned.
He nodded with a happy smile.
"I love you so much."
"I love you too."

A/N: I haven’t posted in so long! I’ve been super busy, I’m sorry! Not sure if I like this one but I felt like I should post an imagine soon..

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