Hey guys, Sam here! Feel free to request at any time.

hey lovely^^ could you ship me pls? i'm a girl, 5'3'', dark brown (almost black) wavy shoulderlength hair, brown eyes, pale, LOVE to sing, a bit shy but when you get to know me i'm sarcastic, loud and funny, my figure is normal but i wish my bust measurement was a bit smaller, practice archery, wear dark makeup, favourite bands bvb,bmth,miw, i used to self harm (i'm clean since two months and three weeks now), i'm from germany (no prejudice pls^^) and...uhm thanks ^^ (i'm sorry for my english)

Your English was perfect! I have cousins from Germany, I really want to go there someday!!
I ship you with:
Alex Gaskarth

Hey can I have a ship I'm 5'1 I have purple/red and black hair favourite bands are bvb ptv sws om&m trs and ghost town. Ps love your blog <3

Thank you- also, you’re very pretty.
I ship you with:

Can you ship me? I'm 5'6 and have short black hair with blue highlights and dark brown eyes. I love making people laugh

I ship you with:
Jack Barakat

Hey can I get a ship? it would mean a lot 😊 okay so I'm 5'5. I like piercings and that and I'm a bit chubby /.\ my favorite band is Of Mice & Men. My hair is long and it's blue, purple, and teal. oh and my eyes are grey

I ship you with:
Austin Carlile

Can I have a ship please I'm 5'3 and have black and white scene hair, I love bvb,bmth,atl and many others. I used to self harm. My dream is to join a band and tour around the world

I ship you with:

Can you do ships again

I have a bunch of ships to reply to I’ve just been super busy.Β 

I’ll try to do some now!

Hello darling! I hope you're having a wonderful day πŸ’˜πŸ‘½πŸ‘ΌπŸŒ»πŸŒž

Aww thank you anon!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day as well!Β