Hey guys, Sam here! Feel free to request at any time.

Do u think andy will ever grow his hair out again?

Personally, I don’t think he will have it as long as before, but he might!

Sorry if you've been asked this what's the youngest each band member would date. I love your blog btw

Thank you!

I’m not really sure what the youngest they would date would be. Depends on the person.

Being an ugly person in a broken society is hard these days.

Nobody is an ugly person, although our society may make people feel ugly at times. But you are all amazing beautiful people!

Ok so I really like this guy. But my friend's hate him. But I think they're jealous that he got into a play they didn't. But he's so cute and funny. But I'm a year younger and he doesn't even notice me???

Try to get your friends to see it from your point of view, explain it to them. And you should say hi to him sometime, or think of a question. You could ask him that would initiate a conversation.

Hey! Can we still talk about things with you? I've just seen your post that you would be here for us and yeah just asking if it would be alright to talk to you?

Of course!! You guys can always talk to me about things!

hey lovely^^ could you ship me pls? i'm a girl, 5'3'', dark brown (almost black) wavy shoulderlength hair, brown eyes, pale, LOVE to sing, a bit shy but when you get to know me i'm sarcastic, loud and funny, my figure is normal but i wish my bust measurement was a bit smaller, practice archery, wear dark makeup, favourite bands bvb,bmth,miw, i used to self harm (i'm clean since two months and three weeks now), i'm from germany (no prejudice pls^^) and...uhm thanks ^^ (i'm sorry for my english)

Your English was perfect! I have cousins from Germany, I really want to go there someday!!
I ship you with:
Alex Gaskarth

Hey can I have a ship I'm 5'1 I have purple/red and black hair favourite bands are bvb ptv sws om&m trs and ghost town. Ps love your blog <3

Thank you- also, you’re very pretty.
I ship you with: